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Geotechnical investigations



Regulation for geotechnical investigations

The legal procedure of geotechnical ground investigations in Estonia is established by “The procedure of engineering geological investigations” Regulation no.71 of Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications.Read more


Content of geotechnical investigation

Geotechnical investigations shall provide sufficient data concerning the ground and the groundwater conditions at and around the construction site for a proper description of essential ground properties and a reliable assessment of the characteristic value of the ground parameters to be used in design calculations [EN 1997-1, 3.2.1 (1)].Read more


Why is geotechnical investigation important

Unlike for most construction materials ground conditions are never homogeneous or uniform. Ground conditions can vary depending on geological feature, soil type, presence or absence of groundwater, topography of ground surface and soil stress conditions.Read more


Phases of geotechnical investigation

If construction of structure includes considerable risks (very large structure, unusual performance requirements for structure, difficult ground conditions, difficult load conditions of structure, etc.) it is reasonable to divide investigation into several successive phases. Such investigations are generally described in 3 phases which can overlap: preliminary investigation, design investigation, checking of ground conditions.Read more


Requested data for compilation of price offer for investigation

In order to compile price offer for your ground investigation we need data about structure or object: address of investigation, structure’s purpose and description (dimensions, number of floors, type of structure), geodetic map (site plan) with marked contour of structure. If we need additional information we will contact You.